JMV environnement Inc. offers residual matter management, industrial cleaning, snow removal, and civil engineering equipment supply services.

JMV environnement Inc. is in desirable financial health, has more than 60 employees, and is in full growth.

JMV environnement Inc. is made up of specialists in de-icing, cleaning, and in industrial pumping and residual matter management. JMV environnement Inc.’s team now also includes people that have worked with large mining companies and that are dedicated to offering an improvement on current offerings at any time.

We have listed the most crucial services in the mining industry by evaluating operational needs (work force, equipment, logistics, housing, location) and we have found solutions to those issues. JMV environnement Inc. is a proud local business.

We have closed strategic partnerships in order to support our services to mining efforts in remote regions.

A part of JMV environnement Inc.’s experience comes from a branch that was sold in 2012, Services Environnementaux Richelieu Inc. (SER).
Services Environnementaux Richelieu Inc. (SER) collects, transports, and reclaims residual matter, and also offers services such as container rental, bulk shipping, snow removal, and more. SER has quickly become an important player in the field of residual waste management through its exceptional service, the availability of its equipment, and its passionate team of managers. SER operates a centre for the sorting and transfer of residual matter that is authorized by the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP).

Holding an enviable position, SER was acquired in 2012 by BFI Canada, the third largest player in the environmental field in North America.